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Chery Baird


Abstract painting can be expressive and dynamic. We will learn how to transition from the real to the abstract. The structures of abstract forms are all around us. We will use basic compositional strategies to find those structures and forms in still life and the natural world. Abstract painting focuses the creative process in a new and exciting way. Come and experience the challenge and freedom of the abstract artist! Supply list available on


Line (a point moving in space) is one of the major elements of art. Exploring how lines cross and move in space we will be creating organic and inorganic grids, veils and nets. We will be looking at Pierre Bonnard, Richard Diebenkorn, James Sienna, Franz Kline and others, as artists who have used the expressive line to give meaning to their work. Join us and enjoy the energy of putting pencil, collage and paint to paper. Supply List available at


Improve your mark-making skills and vocabulary with traditional and unusual drawing mediums, while making a series of drawings.Working with multiple mediums will allow students to explore a variety of possibilities. The skills and techniques learned in this class will translate into other areas of art. Come and enjoy this unique drawing experience. Supply list available at


There is infinite variety in the world of collage, practically anything can be used. Students will be learning the basic collage skills and techniques with a wide variety of materials. Materials will include low relief items, fabric, magazines, photos, painted papers, found papers, oriental papers, etc. Students will be learning several techniques for preparing papers. These papers will be used on the second day of the workshop. Start collecting now – collage is exciting! Supply List available at

DRAWING Beginning and Intermediate 

Learn all basic drawing principles utilizing various drawing mediums. Highlights will include mark-making, ways of seeing, blind contour, gesture, negative space, value, etc. Bring a pencil and a spiral-bound 18″ x 24″ (smooth) drawing pad to first session. Additional supplies discussed at first session or see supply list on

Painting Beginning and Intermediate 

A fun, experimental class for getting the paint out of the tube and onto the paper. Create and experiment with shape, form, and color. Students receive instruction in basic painting techniques. Supply List available on Acrylic paints only!

Composition Beginning and Intermediate 

Learn the basic principles and skills of good composition. Students will use a variety of sources and mediums including master paintings, photographs, and their own work. Supplies discussed at first session or see Supply List on

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